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Historical Timeline, Redux

Taking over the redux for ofthefamily. Second verse, same as the first. If you have anything to add here, please leave a comment and then I'll edit the post!

1719: Arras, France. Carlisle.
1720: Volterra. Carlisle, Gerard, Aro, Cauis, Marcus.
1700s: Studying in Volterra. Carlisle, Sulpicia.
1801: Changes in Volterra. Carlisle, The Guard, Aro.
1801: The Cells. Carlisle, Marcus, Caius, NPC.
1801: The Great Escape. Carlisle, Aro, Gaurds, Guests. [*Milliplot link]
1856: Houston, Texas Jasper, Jasper's family. [Not Posted Yet]
1865: Kerville, Texas Jasper, Maria, NPC. [Not Posted Yet]
1860: Houston, Texas. Jasper, Jasper's sister. [Not Posted Yet]
1863: Galveston, Texas. Jasper. [Not Posted Yet]
1863: Valesco, Texas. Jasper, Nettie, Maria. [Not Posted Yet]
1875: Indianola, Texas. Jasper, Maria. [Not Posted Yet]
1876: Corpus Christi, Texas Jasper, Maria, Peter. [Not Posted Yet]
1876: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Jasper, Peter, Charlotte. [Not Posted Yet]
1877: Monterrey, Mexico Jasper, Peter, Charlotte.[Not Posted Yet]
1881: Monterrey, Mexico. Jasper, Maria. [Not Posted Yet]
1900: Carlisle in Ohio.
1911: Columbus, Ohio. Carlisle, Esme.
1912: Lincoln, Nebraska. Charlotte, Jasper, Peter. [Not Posted Yet]
1918: Chicago. Carlisle, Edward.
1918-1919: Canada, London. Carlisle, Edward, Marcus, Caius.
1919: Traveling. Carlisle, Edward, Edward's ass.
1920: Ohio. Carlisle, Edward.
1920: More Ohio! Carlisle, Edward.
1920: Ohio and pianos. Carlisle, Edward.
1920: Biloxi, Mississippi. Mary Alice Brandon, Alice. [Not Posted Yet]
1921: Leaving Columbus. Carlisle, Esme, Edward.
1921: Cleveland. Carlisle, Esme, Edward.
1921: Detour in Columbus. Carlisle, Charles 'I'm Fucked Aren't I?' Evenson.
1921: While Carlisle was away. Edward, Esme.
1921: Settling in Pittsburgh. Esme, Carlisle.
1922: Bathtubs. Carlisle, Esme.
1922: The messenger. Carlisle, Edward, Volturi.
1922: Esme gets a hobby. Carlisle, Esme.
1922: Carlisle needs to relax. Carlisle, Esme.
1922: Girls r srs bsns. Carlisle, Edward.
1922-1923: Esme's Mistake. Esme, Carlisle, Dead Guy.
1923: The Introduction of Kenneth Albers. Carlisle, NPC.
1923: After the hotel. Carlisle, Esme.
1923: After the mistake & hotel. Edward
1923: The week following it. Edward, Esme.
1923: Piano. Edward.
1923: Illinois, post-piano. Carlisle, Edward, Esme.
1923: Kenneth and pianos. Edward, NPC.
1923: A trip to New Jersey. Carlisle, Esme.
1923: The Big Day. Carlisle, Esme, Edward, NPC.
1924: Signs & Symbols. Edward, Carlisle, Esme.
1925: Philadelphia. Carlisle, Edward, Esme.
1925-1926: Winter through Fall. Edward.
1926: Temptation Calls. Edward, NPC.
1926: Winter. Edward.
1927: Philadelphia. Edward, Carlisle, Esme.
1927: Rebellion Year 1; Edward leaves the Cullen's. Edward.
1927: Back to Life. Esme, Carlisle.
1927: What is grief to Esme Cullen? Esme.
1927: Rebellion Year 1; The Fall. Edward.
1927: Rebellion Year 1; After the Fall. Edward.
1927, Philadelphia. Carlisle, Esme.
1928: Rebellion Year 2; In Two Sentences. Edward
1928: Edward is Still Away. Carlisle, Esme.
1929: Rebellion Year 3; Arizona. Edward.
1929: Rebellion Year 3; Journals. Edward.
1920's: Still Philidelphia. Carlise, Esme.
1929: Rebellion Year 3; Mercy on the Fallen. Edwward.
1930: Rebellion Year 4; Journals. Edward.
1930: Rebellion Year 4; Bristol. Edward.
1931: The Prodigal Return. Carlisle, Esme, Edward.
1931: Reaching an Understanding. Edward, Esme.
1931: Philedelphia. Carlisle, Edward.
1931: Esme's Coda Edward, Esme.
1931: Winter Revelations I Esme, Edward.
1931: Winter Revelations II Edward, Carlisle.
1932: Rochester Beginnings Esme, Edward.
1932: Esme's 1st Ballgame. Carlisle, Esme, Edward.
1935: Emmett. Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Edward.
1948: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alice, Jasper.
1948: Michigan. Alice, Jasper.
1950: Whitlocks-Cullens Part 1. Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie. [Not Posted Yet]
1950: Whitlocks-Cullens Part 2. Edward, Emmett, Alice, etc. [Not Posted Yet]
1950s: Settling in. Alice, Carlisle. [Not Posted Yet]
1950's: stop stop stop the past from turning. Alice, Edward [Not Posted Yet]
1950s: Kim is my victim. Jasper, Carlisle. [Not Posted Yet]
1950's: Just As She Saw It would Be. Edward, Alice. [Not Posted]
1950's: Toronto. Alice, Esme. [Not Posted]
1954: The Birth of the Closet. Alice, Edward. [Not Posted]
1960's: Family storytime. Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle. [Not Posted Yet]
1963: Calgary. Maria, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Edward.
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